Deployment services is one of our service, When the units arrived in user location, engineer will setting the unit and do the following activity:

  • Unpacking
  • Instalation
  • Data Migration
  • Simple Training

Staging services is installation in a mass quantity. The activity in stagingservicesare:

  • Packing& Unpacking
  • Testing Each Unit and Peripherals
  • Physical Check Each Unit
  • Imaging Process to Each Unit (PC and Notebook), this will make each unit have the same image.
  • Barcode and Labelling for the Asset Management for our Customer.

Services Maintenance in PT. Vervetama Technology is our main focus. In this service, we monitor all the units with a contract agreement and have resolution time to solve the problem. The services in maintenance contaract are:

  • Helpdesk Support.
  • Backup Unit and Backup Part (optional)
  • Engineer Onsite from Our Service Point
  • Preventive Maintenance (optional)
  • Claim Guarantee


Dismantling is process to remove the unused units and packing it into the box Thee activity in dismantling are: kill disk, Packing, Buy Back (optional)

Out Sourching Enginer
We help to provide IT Enginer that fits to customer requirements with customized time agreement It will include training and back up engineer to ensure our customers satisfaction.

Support Location PT. Vervetama Technology

we are supported by our 34 Service Point across all province in Indonesia and with the support of service point of each brand. We ensure to give maximum services in Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia. peta-2-png